• 6DOF inertial navigation with GPS augmentation, pitot static and barometric pressure.
  • Fully autonomous navigation, guidance and control, plus several RPV modes.
  • Payload control, gimballing and camera stabilization.
  • Video overlay for targeting, camera pose and forward reconnaissance.
  • Fully automatic takeoff and 4 automated landing modes including parachute.
  • Automated emergency landing in the event of permanent control link failure.
  • Route retrace on link failure when using a waypoint set.
  • Dead reckoning mode.
  • 8Hz data frame to GCS
  • Health and status monitoring.
  • Parachute deployment option in the event of system failure
  • Stills photo triggering for manual snaps or photo on waypoint.
  • Ground detection system for landing (motor shutdown/drogue chute release).
  • Autopilot can be used in Electric & Gasoline powered airframes.
  • Up to 3 cameras (switch able in flight).
  • Battery status monitoring
  • A fully isolated and self powered backup flight termination system option
  • Beyond line of sight operation (for pre-programmed sensing/photography)