The Hawk APS can be purchased as part of an airframe package or as a stand alone unit.

Optional extras on the stand alone unit:

  • Premade wiring looms,
  • Telemetry modems,
  • Analogue or digital video-transmission systems
  • Pitot static systems
  • Servos
  • Propusion system


The Hawk APS is right for any UAV so contact us now for more information

System overview

The autopilot is the 'brain' of any UAV and Skycam has had the most success with the DTA-developed Hawk APS.  Hawk APS can provide stable and reliable control of any fixed wing airframe.


  • 6DOF inertial navigation with GPS augmentation, pitot static and barometric pressure.
  • Fully autonomous navigation, guidance and control, plus several RPV modes.
  • Payload control, gimballing and camera stabilization.
  • Video overlay for targeting, camera pose and forward reconnaissance.
  • Fully automatic takeoff and 4 automated landing modes including parachute.
  • Automated emergency landing in the event of permanent control link failure.
  • Route retrace on link failure when using a waypoint set.
  • Dead reckoning mode in the event of GPS loss.
  • 8Hz data frame to GCS
  • Health and status monitoring.
  • Parachute deployment option in the event of system failure
  • Stills photo triggering for timed photos or photo on waypoint.
  • Ground detection system for landing (motor shutdown/drogue chute release).
  • Autopilot can be used in Electric & Gasoline powered airframes.
  • Up to 3 cameras (switch able in flight).
  • Battery status monitoring
  • A fully isolated and self powered backup flight termination system option
  • Beyond line of sight operation (for pre-programmed sensing/photography)

The Hawk APS is the ideal 'black box' for any UAV control system.  Simply connect the required communication and control hardware and sensors and you're ready to go.  The common interface provided by the Ground Control Station means that any airframe is controlled in the same way, vastly reducing the training and type-conversion burden.  This makes it easy to have a number of different airframes for specific jobs.