Hexacopter front on

Hexacopter top down

Gimbal close up

Six-armed, multi-rotor, stabilized aerial video platform

Skycam always strives to increase the quality of services provided to the consumer.  In keeping with this we have recently been experimenting with multirotor aircraft for the purpose of capturing high definition full motion video.

Skycam has previously had experience in the movie industry using rotary wing aircraft and we are excited by the potential of this system.


  • Gyro and GPS stabilized airframe
  • High-precision, gyro gimbaled camera mount
  • Hero 3+, full-HD, 60fps sensor (includes iOS control)
  • 6x high power motors that allow 800g payloads
  • 8-10 min endurance with full payload
  • Up to 20 min with reduced payload