Kahu Aircraft Overview

The Kahu UAV is a mini (2 metre class) fully composite airframe specifically designed to minimise drag and therefore maximise both endurance and the environmental operating envelope. The aircraft incorporates a 1200 W electric motor and novel cooling mount and incorporates the DTA pitot static sensor for measurement of air data, even in light rain. Kahu airframes are constructed from the DTA designed production aluminium moulds.

Aircraft specifications

  • 2.2 metre composite airframe.
  • Total weight: 3.9 kg.
  • Duration: up to 2 hours.
  • Speed: up to 100 kph (Cruise - 60 kph).
  • Range: 25 km (with 30 minutes on target).
  • Maximum operating altitude: 16,500 ft.
  • Airframe max G +6 -4 (+2 -1 under AP control).
  • Battery: 4 Cell Lithium-Ion Polymer (16.8 V, 8.4 Ahrs).
  • Direct drive 1200 W brushless motor system 400 W Max (80 W Cruise).
  • Payload: Steerable optical and IR cameras + other sensors, stabilised using the autopilot system.
  • Composites construction, quality control process and documentation.
  • Production aluminium moulds.


Kahu's fully composite airframe is constructed from a combination of carefully selected laminates including S glass, E glass and Carbon fibre. These cloths are configured to afford maximun strength at minimal weight and layed up in alloy moulds at controlled temperature resulting in a quality end product.

Item 1: Large camera port with custom moulded transparent cover  that allow a clear view for the range of camera and video lenses available to Kahu.

Item 2: Full span ailerons that also deploy as flaps to assist during takeoff and landing.

Item 3/4: Detachable hollow composite wing panels providing storage for flight/avionics battery system, pitot mounting and are fitted to fuselage with a custom carbon joiner spar.

Item 5: Full flying tail planes easily removed for compact transportation and quick replacement.



Kahu also has a number of optional additions to increase robustness and effectiveness.  These include:

  • Detachable parachute pod to make light work of landing in tight or rough areas
  • Bungee launcher to take the grunt work out of take off
  • Various, modular sensor types


Skycam prides itself on being able to taylor a package to suit any consumer's needs.  If you have special needs from any of our UAS platforms, just ask.