Freewave modems, as well as interface boards are available from Skycam UAV.

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The Hawk APS needs a datalink in order to downlink telemetry to and receive uplinked commands from the Ground Control Station.

Skycam favours the Freewave brand of modems for this task.  Freewave modems are small, light, reliable and have great performance.  When paired with suitable antennae the Freewaves have a 100km line-of-sight range.

While we believe the Freewave to be the best choice of modem, the Hawk APS has the flexability to accept a wide range of data modems, allowing the Hawk APS to be more easily integrated into a customers existing systems.

Depending on the choice of modem, an interface board may be required to match voltages and data protocols with the Hawk APS.  Skycam produces interface boards for the Freewave MM2 series of modem.  The latest version of these boards has an onboard telemetry recorder.