Skycam staff have experience and knowledge spanning 20 years involvement in the UAS industry. Our involvement with early rotary wing RPV's thru to modern day Autonomous UAS positions us as NZ market leaders in this exciting innovative technology.

Skycam is accutely aware of the interest in this growing aviation sector and decided some guidance was required to help potential UAS operator/pilots decide if this industry was for them.

The Introduction to UAS course addresses a lot of questions we are being asked and is the perfect way for new operators to learn about the industry and experience first hand the operation of a fully autonomous BVR UAV.

    Note: This course is currently in the process of being expanded to provide CAA approved content counting towards the applicant gaining their PAA (Pilotless Aircraft Authorisation). It is hoped to offer this course 2nd quarter 2014.
Skycam UAV NZ can provide the following services:

  • UAV Manufacture & System Integration
  • UAV Design
  • Customised Ground Control Station Configuration
  • UAV Test Flight Facilities
  • UAV Operator Training
  • UAV Repair and maintenance
  • UAV Payload Configuration
  • UAV Test Airspace (NZD522)
  • CAA Approved UAS Flight Operations
    Introduction to UAS.Overview: 
    Update December 04th 2013 
    Note: This course is on hold pending clarification of  new CAA operating rules (or lack of them) 
    The intention of this 3 day course is to provide the prospective UAS operator with actual hands on flight experience of a UAV coupled with the theoretical and legal aspects of UAS operation in NZ. 
    The course will take the participant thru a series of topics covering CAA regulations, safety, uas system components & operation, airframes (fixed wing), GCS incl software operation, mission flight simulation and finally onto our NZD522 test site to experience BVR (beyond visual range) UAV operation first hand. 
    Course breakdown as follows: 
    Day One:
    0900-1015       Introduction
    1030-1200       CAA regulations & safety
    1300-1445       UAV Component description & purpose
    1515-1700       GCS Component/software description & purpose 
    Day 2:
    0900-1015       Airframe component identification & assembly
    1030-1200       Sensor options and useage
    1300-1445       Mission planning & Flight Operations
    1515-1700       Simulator Introduction & Training
    Day 3:
    0900-1700       On site NZD522 demonstration flight 
    Followed by guided trainee flight ops. The flights dependant on weather will cover distances out to 5km range and 2500ft AMSL (approx. 1500ft AGL) in both fully autonomous and manual heading modes.
    In manual heading mode the participant will get to steer the UAV whilst the autopilot controls the altitude, airspeed & aircraft stability. Sensor operation will allow for both still photography and live video feed observation.
    The operator will be invited to capture selected areas of landscape in Hi-Res still photography as a record of the occasion. On completion of the course the participant will be presented with a framed certificate of participation.