Skycam has choosen the Sony Nex series of DSLR's due to the outstanding high quality CMOS sensor and the ability to customise or as we call it (put on a diet).

This "diet" consists of stripping the camera of much un needed equipment such as battery, rear viewing screen and various other non crutial components.

We have also modified to allow direct trigger access via the autopilot software allowing logged capture rates as low as 1.30 fps and a 100% reliable capture of every frame taken ensuring perfect syncronisation.

These modifications along with customised filter enhancements provide a highly desireable sensor quality at a fraction of the cost of more complex and expensive sensor options.

Specifically designed to fit the Kahu UAS this sensor is now the base unit for our other UAV's in particular Swampfox which carries either single or stereo stills camera options.

Twin Sony sensor pod Specifically designed to suit the Swampfox X-5e, this sensor pod securely mounts two Sony NEX-5n cameras.  This pod has the following great features:
  • Can be configured for stereoscopic or multispectral operation
  • Each camera has a high quality 16.1MPixel CMOS sensor and mounts high-quality, fixed-focal length lenses (any lens from the 16mm ‘pancake’ to the 50mm will fit).
  • Mounted across the airframe body for higher horizontal overlap
  • 0.76 second minimum interval between photos to allow higher vertical overlap
  • A full set of image and geo data is recorded for each image
  • Robust pod to protect the sensors on heavy landing.
  • 500g all up weight for the pod (with 16mm lens)
  • The cartridge literally drops into the airframe and is reliable to use.
This camera system has been fully integrated into the Swampfox airframe and is already producing stunning results.  Click here to see a video demonstration of what twin Sony sensors can achieve.