swampFox Flies from Mt Kinabalu June 2014!

Lew Woods our chief pilot has just returned from Borneo east Malaysia's Mt Kinabalu region where he’s been providing in-field UAS support to a University of Queensland research project.

These truly “epic” flights were the first to be ever flown by a UAV in this area with the purpose of gathering low level high resolution imagery of the mountain slopes and rain forest areas never surveyed before.

The results have been extremely rewarding with 1000’s of high quality images collected and being transformed into geo referenced survey grade 3D mosaics by Pix4D Mapper software.

Operating any UAV in this terrain is in itself a challenge however Swamp Fox X5 passed with flying colours performing outstandingly in this environment.

Kina launch.jpg 

Of particular note was “Swampy’s” ability to operate at high altitude including launches from 10,700FT coupled with economical climb rates up to 1000ft/min!

On several flights Swamp Fox was launched from a bush clad area at 5000ft then climbing at over 750ft/min quickly reached her target area at over 11,000ft! Following this she proceeded to perform a gentle descending traverse of the mountains slopes some 8km from launch point shooting imagery never seen before of this rugged yet beautiful scientifically important terrain.

At the end of all this Swamp Fox would parachute recover gently back at the feet of the launch pilot some 50 minutes later where up to 3000+ images would be downloaded from the dual RGB & Nir DSLR cameras on board.

Swamp Fox also carried a GoPro H3+ HD video cam and we plan to share some of the majestic footage recorded on our Video links page in the very near future.

Skycam UAV would like to thank Dr’s Andrew Fletcher & Peter Erskine from UQ’s CMLR division and the staff of the Kinabalu National Park for supporting our involvement with such scientifically important research.

swampFox lands in Antarctica January 2014! 


scott base jan 13-1.jpg

SwampFox debuts on 6pm National News 

SwampFox is fully compliant with CAA approved night operations and is the ideal solution to conducting this type of survey. View the link below to see an inovative use of UAS technology combined with "state of the art" thermal imaging cameras.





Full span 180cm
Weight 4.50 Kg
Wing area  sq/in
Endurance 50+ minutes
Battery  Lithium Polymer
Voltage 14.8 volt
Motor  Brushless outrunner
Flight Control  Elevons
Flight cruise 60km/h
Vno 80km/h
Vne 100km/h
Measured stall speed 32km/h
Surveillance video Mintron 10x optical
   GoPro Hero
Stills cameras Pentax Optio S1
  Sony NEX-5N single or dual (RGB/NIR)


Check out all the latest videos from the Swampfox development and deployment from the list on the right.

swampfox suite.JPG     SF stand

SF building 

Swampfox is a fully autonomus platform for aerial imagery collection.

Using the tried-and-tested Hawk autopilot system, the Swampfox can safely and easily be operated by only 2 people (the required minimum for most civil aviation authorities) but has the ability to be operated  by a single person.

Specifically designed to capture high-resolution still imagery for aerial mapping purposes while being rugged enough to survive the rigors of the Australian outback.  The airframe and ground station (including spare parts) quickly break-down into two, ultra-tough pelican cases.  The cases are light enough to be carried on most international and domestic airlines.  The cases are also tough enough to handle a trip down an off-road track and still be ready for immediate flight.  A practiced crew can unpack and ready the Swampfox for flight in under 5 min.

Capturing imagery in multiple spectra with no temporal variance is easy with the Swampfox's large sensor bay that can accomodade multiple stills cameras

For more information about captured imagery, check out our Aerial Mapping and Survey page


SF cases closed


SF case open       GCS yellow case

Swampfox can be configured to carry any of the following, interchangable equipment:

  • Twin Sony NEX-5 stills cameras
  • Single Sony NEX-7 stills camera
  • GoPro Hero 2 or Hero 3
  • Mintron 10x optical zoom video camera
  • Flir Tau thermal imaging camera
  • Full digital video downlink


digital video link.jpg              Swampfox sensors.JPG  Twin camera moun (800x600)t.jpg