Skycam UAV  NZ in conjunction with 16th Feild Regiment NZDF manages the access of Danger Area 522 West of Pahiatua.  This is a danger area set aside for UAV flight testing and Navigation and is activated by NOTAM 24 hrs in advance of operation.  The extent is best located on the VNC and as indicated below and ranges from the surface to 2500' AMSL.  Ground access is also facilitated by Skycam UAV NZ.

This airspace is available to all SERIOUS UAV experimentors or companies involved in the development of their own UAS. Application required in the first instance to Skycam UAV NZ Ltd to arrange access and timing.

NZD 522        Mangahao, Wairarapa

All that airspace bounded by a line following the railway from
S 40 26 44.7, E 175 48 48.8 to
S 40 29 28.0, E 175 45 52.0 (Beaufort); a line joining
S 40 29 28.0, E 175 45 52.0;
S 40 29 10.2, E 175 43 41.7 (Nikau);
S 40 28 00.3, E 175 40 59.2 (Marima, 1,847 ft);
S 40 26 40.8, E 175 41 30.5 (1,732 ft);
S 40 26 10.1, E 175 42 21.1;
S 40 25 44.4, E 175 47 17.6 (Balance Road and Tararua Road)

S 40 26 44.7, E 175 48 48.8.

Upper limit:  2,500 ft AMSL
Lower limit:  Surface


Activity periods notified by NOTAM. Unmanned aerial vehicle activity.

Using agency:

NZ Army HQ 2 LFG Linton Military Camp, Palmerston North Ph 06 351 9035.

Skycam UAV NZ Ltd, 28-30 Sutton Place, Palmerston North, Ph 06 3555 747.

Effective from 0811191100.

Danger Area NZD 522

Copy of 521.jpg 

D522 UAV Airspace  Mangahao, Wairarapa.

Approx 65 sq km of test airspace to 2500ft AMSL on average 2000ft AGL. Transit and local GA/Commercial aircraft should maintain comms on 119.1 whilst area is activated. Skycam UAV will always accomodate commercial operations and do our best to fit in with full size operators.

Pilots please phone Rene Redmond on 021 245 2729 or Lew Woods on 021 106 5705 for area status and user updates.


The photo below shows one of our more elevated test sites that is close to the eastern boundary of D522. The western boundary is at the base of the background hills shown below. This site is affectionately known as "Bunker Hill" it suits all wind directions but favours a westerly flow.

bunker hill