SwampFox is fully compliant with CAA approved night operations and is the ideal solution to conducting this type of survey.  An inovative use of UAS technology combined with "state of the art" thermal imaging cameras is the monitoring of possums.  This was the subject of a TVNZ report.  Unfortunately, the link to the video clip no longer functions.


See here a clip made by Professors John Brooks and Craig Carey in the Taylor Dry Valley in January 2014.


mp4 Fox in Antarctica.appleuniversal.mp4 (23.23MB) 

A GoPro camera was mounted in the sensor bay and this clip was compiled as a presentation to the hard-working support staff at Scott Base on the last night of the expedition.  The music is The Ride of the Valkyrie by Richard Wagner, arranged and performed by Josh Perschbacker.


The latest video of Swampfox in an operational situation

See Swampfox in action under full autopilot control using a man portable Backpack Ground Control Station (GCS).